Dividend Portfolio

This is a current view of my main freedom portfolio. I may change what I report or how I save views for comparison but the intent is to provide real numbers to back up the content provided. Here is where the portfolio currently stands:

Symbol               Company                                       Shares                

T                           AT&T                                                2,028.6438

ABBV                  Abbvie                                            449.7478

MO                      Altria Group                                   1,127.8963

ADM                    Archer Daniels Midland               306.5214

CVX                      Chevron Corp                                 246.1901

CHCT                   Community Healthcare                47.2011

DOW                   DOW Inc                                          381.3352

EMR                    Emerson Electric Co                      207.1117

XOM                    Exxon Mobil Corp                          266.7426

IRM                     Iron Mountain Inc                         1,117.374

JNJ                       Johnson & Johnson                       101.2187

LMT                     Lockheed Martin Corp                  16.7578

OKE                     ONEOK Inc.                                     3577.7094

PM                       Philip Morris Intl                            618.8173

O                          Realty Income Corp REIT              257.3444

RDS.B                  Royal Dutch Shell                           1,000

SO                        Southern Company                       406.9071

Maybe not as diversified or composed the way others are but this is what I’m hanging my family’s financial future on. Join me as I discuss the portfolio and follow the results I get.