Freedom Portfolio Income November 2020

What a great month! Since two of my largest holdings, OKE and T, pay out this second month of the Quarter is always my best. With recent price appreciation future reinvestments will go down but the buy in yields are awesome. I’ll cover details of specific holdings in future posts but for now here is what incoming cash flow the freedom portfolio had this month:

ABBV (Abbvie Inc.)          $524.49

O (Realty Income Corp REIT)       60.00

OKE (ONEOK Inc.)           $3,252.00 (wow)

T (AT&T Inc)       $1,035.42

Total for November:       $4,871.92

All these stocks have seen great capital (price) appreciation with the past couple weeks’ market volatility. Feels good but not necessarily conducive to high reinvestment rates over the next couple years. I am more interested in the growing income stream than stock prices going up.

How did you do this month?

What are your income goals and how are you building a portfolio to meet them?

Thanks for reading