Freedom Portfolio Income October 2020

Probably my favorite time of the month is when I get to look back and total the dividends I’ve received. Solid income with more diversification than a paycheck. Here is what happened this past month:

Realty Income (O) $59.77

Altria (MO) $950.09

Philip Morris (PM) $731.55

Iron Mountain (IRM) $675.68

Total for October: $2,417.09

Not a bad month at all. Everything was automatically re-invested for a long-term compounding effect. I’d compare to the same period last year, but I had a large roll-over this year upon retirement. In interest of keeping my trends clean, I’m starting fresh with this portfolio’s data.

This portfolio is doing very well and is projected to generate an increasing income stream well into the future. I’ve got five years at a minimum before I need to tap into the income stream and even then it will continue to grow with dividend increases and some level of reinvestment.

I’ll save projections for other posts. Hope your income stream is growing and you are on your way to financial independence and freedom.